What is The Impact Of Zoonotic Diseases To Human Society?

The Impact Of Zoonotic Diseases And Its Effects To Human Society

The latest news about the novel coronavirus (nCoV) made significant history. As of February 6, 2020, there are at least 565 deaths, with 28,265 confirmed cases of the said disease. What experts are sure about the latest type of coronavirus is its nature of being zoonotic. Are you aware of the reason why it is called zoonotic in the first place? You may find this article as one of your key references when knowing more about viruses and diseases among animals and humans. Take a look at this article to know the truth about zoonotic diseases and what you should do for your dog’s health. 

Zoonotic Diseases In A Capsule

Getting to know more about zoonotic diseases can educate many people on how to prevent the disease from spreading again. This type of infection is not just a recent discovery. In fact, having illnesses from animals have wiped out millions of people, as stated in history. Rabies is one of the most well-known zoonotic diseases that come from the saliva of an infected dog. Some other illnesses are anthrax, tularemia, and the West Nile Virus. To detail, the first incident of zoonosis happens to come from rats as their bacteria spread through the tremendous Black Death (Bubonic plague) that happened from 1346 to 1353. Another historic moment for this infection also happened during the Spanish Influenza, which occurred in January 1918 to December 1920. What’s even more alarming is that both of these are confirmed cases of transmitted animals to human diseases. 

How Do Zoonotic Diseases Spread?

The problem of zoonotic diseases is how it is a leading cause of death around the world. It means that many people are uneducated about the source of this disease. As we all know, animals like rats, snakes, bats, and even dogs and cats can contain these diseases. Aside from the saliva or bite source, fleas can also carry the coronavirus itself. Fleas can transfer from animals such as rats, cows, or any animal that are vertebrates. If your dog or cat is full of fleas, you may also be in danger of infecting yourself. You should get a vet’s advice on what to do with the problem of fleas for your dog’s health condition. Their health may also be your lifeline, so have the treatment for these issues right away. 

Symptoms of Zoonotic Diseases In Dogs

Once a dog is infected with the illness, it can become worse, and the cure can become late if not given immediate medical attention. Also, the Zoonotic Diseasessymptoms are not just seen in animals but also humans. Dogs, in particular, can get rabies quickly either by another dog’s bite, or even lick. Saliva contains millions of germs, and for those infected, it can become bad news. However, people with a high risk of getting this infectious health problem are those with AIDS/HIV, open wounds from surgery, older people, with chronic diseases, congenital immune deficiency, and pregnant women. You may want to know how to avoid these symptoms of zoonotic diseases in dogs as soon as you see them right away.


  • Dogs can get anxious and may show symptoms of changed personality
  • The dog will eat unusual things or bite into anything to ease the pain
  • Will show signs of weakness, fatigue, and restlessness
  • Loss of appetite in the first few hours
  • Seizures and foaming of the mouth 
  • Sudden death


Methicillin-resistant S. aureus or MRSA emerged when humans were able to domesticate animals as pets. Cats and dogs can acquire either of the three and may result in skin problems. Although the real symptom comes from being resistant to antibiotic medicine. Why does this happen? It comes from the host of humans first, whose MRSA is inactive or not opportunistic in the matter. A dog becomes infected with MRSA when their owner has one too. Hence, even if you or your dog looks perfectly healthy, you may have to get a check-up once you see signs of skin lesion, slow to heal wounds, and uncommon discharges. 

What Is The Impact Of The Effects of This Disease?

The spreading of this disease harms the economy, tourism, health prevention, and commerce. Of course, when it comes to new conditions, those with less health support can feel the adverse effects. It may also become a problem for people with animals as pets at home. Some countries also depend on their livestock for their living. Pandemics and plagues are also global so that the disease can travel from one country to the other quickly. Furthermore, the problem of the illness evolving from one strain to another is evident. It is currently one of the issues people are facing now with the novel Coronavirus branching out from China to different parts of the world. Medicine can also become expensive, as well as the vaccine is limited to certain countries at a time. 

What Are The Preemptive Measures of Health Organizations? 

Prevent Zoonotic Diseases Bathe DogMajor health organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are giving out detailed information about the statuses of the disease. Together with the procedures for basic hygiene, health organizations are also doing their part to give aid to everyone. The best thing that medical facilities are to provide service to these people who are sick. Additionally, pharmaceuticals must always have prescription medicines in stock. Sadly, there is still no known cure for other diseases, and an outbreak usually happens fast. Prevention is always the key to stop the infection from spreading. 

What You Can Do To Prevent Getting The Disease

Avoiding viruses and bacteria can be easy if people will start following hygiene procedures. It is also recommended to prevent owning pets that are not intended to be domesticated. Illegal ownership of exotic or endangered animals can also become one of the sources of virus transmission through humans. Among these animals are big cats (tigers, lions), species of snakes (Vipers, King cobra), sugar gliders, and many more. What can you do as a pet owner to prevent this disease? First, you need to know which pets are legal to adopt. If you’re an animal owner who wants to adopt pets from pet shelters, don’t forget to ask for legal papers. Dogs that are once abused may have diseases that can transmit to humans. Hence, if you’re aiming to be a good and responsible fur parent, always sanitize your house. Additionally, a person should always take a bath to prevent diseases. Your pets also need a bath and have a veterinarian to check them often. 

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