Symptoms of Rabies In a Cat

symptoms of rabies in a cat

It’s prudent to keep a close eye on your cats, especially if they were recently bitten by a strange animal. Remember your animal might have been infected with rabies, which is a deadly virus mostly spread through saliva. According to the recent research by the Center for Disease Control, rabies spread faster in cats than in other animals. You can visit their site for further information.

It’s good to be aware of  the stages and symptoms of rabies in a cat so you will be able to tell whether or not your cat is infected.  Explored in this article are the symptoms of rabies in a cat you should never overlook.

1.Prodromal Stage

This is the first stage in rabies, which lasts for about three days. During this phase, it’s hard to notice all the symptoms. The common signs during this stage include:

·Unusual behavior

·Change in character

·Enlargement of pupil

·Loss of appetite

·Scratching the bitten area

·Biting objects

2.Furious Phase

This stage starts on the third day after the cat was infected with the virus. During this stage, the erratic behavior seems to have increased. For instance, the animal may start to eat anything it sees around, such as sticks or stones. Other symptoms witnessed at this stage include:

·Wandering around

·Irritability symptoms of rabies in a cat






3.Paralytic Stage

During this stage, the cat gets depressed and even becomes unresponsive.
Other symptoms may include:

·Feeling weak

·Foam in the mouth

·Difficulty in breathing



·Respiratory failure



If you want to know if your cat has rabies after it was bitten by an unknown animal, keep watching for the above symptoms. Also, consider calling your vet immediately for diagnosis. Make sure you have minimal interaction with your cat because a single bite from a rabid cat is just enough to inject the virus into your body. Always remember to have all your pets vaccinated against rabies.

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