Healthy Dog Gums vs Unhealthy

healthy dog gums vs unhealthy

Good oral hygiene in dogs is essential to prevent the occurrence of infection and gum diseases which can result in teeth loss. One of the key determinants of healthy dog gums vs unhealthy is by examining their physical characteristics in terms of color and appearance.  Read about the signs and symptoms of  healthy dog gums vs unhealthy right here.

Healthy gums in dogs take a pink color, they are soft and smooth when touched and are shiny which indicates perfect health of the dog.

Unhealthy dog gums the other hand are pale and sticky and present with other various symptoms which include;
•Redness and swelling that indicates the development of gingivitis in dogs.
•Bleeding caused by infection and periodontal disease.
Bad breath
•Separation of the gums from the teeth
•Teeth that are loosely attached
•Food picking and eating difficulties healthy dog gums vs unhealthy

Unhealthy gums in dogs are contributed by various factors among them being;

•Poor oral hygiene of the dog.
•Poor nutrition caused by malnutrition, poor diet, and the presence of parasites in the dog’s intestines.
•Advanced age
•The chewing behavior of the dog which damages the gums.

Unhealthy gums in dogs can be treated by a veterinarian who examines the dog carefully by doing various tests including taking X-rays which will help in establishing the best treatment plan. Depending on the condition of the gums and teeth the veterinarian can decide to remove the affected gums, open up the teeth gums for proper cleaning or extract the affected teeth. Antibiotic treatments can also be administered to treat the infected gums.

In order to maintain healthy gums in dogs that will help prevent gum related infections, it is important to;

•Ensure and practice good oral hygiene by brushing the dog’s teeth regularly that will keep of bacterial and infections.
•Take the dog for a dental examination on a regular basis for teeth cleaning and treatments.
•Prevent the occurrence of malnutrition by feeding the dog nutritious food.
•Deworm the dog by the use of medications that will kill parasites.
•Avoid giving the dog hard bones and toys to chew which can result in tooth breakage and gum damage. Soft toys are recommended for chewing functions.

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