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Cat Losing Teeth

cat losing teeth

A cat is an amazing animal to have at home. It’s mostly used as a pet, for companion and playmate among other functions. Similar to human beings, cats also lose their teeth. While we may still have a chance to restore our teeth with options like dental implants, it’s nearly impossible for cats to restore theirs. To get an idea how much dental implants are,  check out this URL: https://www.audentalimplantssydney.com.au/digital-dental-implant-cost/.  Below is a list of common causes of a cat losing teeth.

Causes of a cat losing teeth

1.Natural Development

Just as human beings, cats also have milk teeth that naturally pluck off at a certain stage of life. Newborn cats are normally born without teeth as an adaptation for sucking milk from their mother’s breast. When the cat is three weeks old, it starts developing small but sharp teeth known as milk teeth.

As the cat grows, it start losing its milk teeth for purpose of strengthening their dental structure, giving room for growth of adult teeth. The adult teeth are thicker and lasting.

A cat losing teeth in this stage experiences pain and discomfort, finding it difficult to feed hard types of food.

2. Poor oral hygiene cat losing teeth

Poor oral hygiene causes lose of teeth in a cat. How? Poor hygiene leads to accumulation of food waste in the teeth and gums. Accumulation of food waste then lead to dental infections like gingivitis. These infections weaken the gums and teeth, making them easy to pluck and fall off.

Preventing  your cat from losing teeth

A). Good oral hygiene

A cat losing teeth should have a proper oral hygiene. This is to protect accumulation of food waste in the gums that lead to teeth loss. Brush it’s teeth regularly using special toothpaste designated for cats.

B). Check your cat’s diet

A cat losing teeth should be fed with diets friendly to the dental like raw meals and quality canned meals. These meals are not only dental – friendly, but are also essential on general cat health.

Also consider food like Omega 3 acids. This food has natural antioxidants and antibacterial substances, that help fight dental infections and gum inflammation that causes teeth loss.

It is important to regularly open and check your cat’s mouth for any infection to prevent it from losing teeth. See a veterinary if you must.

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