How To Brush Dog Teeth Without Getting Bitten?

How To Brush Dog Teeth Without Getting Bitten

Your dog can show you its loyalty as they are loving domesticated pets for your house. However, certain instances, such as cleaning their teeth, may get them irritated. A dog can become temperamental when it comes to their private spaces. Nevertheless, it would be best if you imposed your authority as the owner. Of course, you shouldn’t let them fear you. Show them that you are a loving fur parent by rewarding them right after their dental hygiene practice. Though, you have to be careful as they can still bite when something goes wrong. If you are wondering how to brush dog teeth without getting bitten then read along with this article for more information. 

Why A Dog Dental Cleaning Is Needed

When you love your dog so much, you also need to know the responsibilities of owning one. A dog can get as much bacteria in their mouth just like humans have. If bacteria goes into the bloodstream in their gums, they may suffer from severe health complications. Unfortunately, dogs can’t clean their mouth on their own. That said, you are the only one who can assist on how to brush dog teeth at home. So if you’re an owner who gives treats and food for their dog, it’s better to monitor them. Your dog’s diet should have fewer carbohydrates in them to prevent the growth of plaque and cavities.   

Dental Hygiene Issues On Pets

Although cavities are uncommon in dogs, it’s not inevitable for them to suffer from this dental disease. You should check out other pets that experience tooth-rotting problems. Did you know? It’s not only dogs that can get hygiene problems. Cats can also have these issues too. If you’re an owner of both a dog and a cat at home, don’t skip each other’s dental hygiene. A dog or a cat can’t speak but can give you signals if they’re suffering from a stuck bone or food in their mouth. Moreover, your vet can take a good look at what’s happening with them. Some dogs can suffer from bleeding and swelling too, so it’s best to avoid sharp food like chicken bones. Also, allergies can come from food that is unmonitored by a pet owner. 

What Are The Steps On How To Brush Dog Teeth?

Are you having a hard time on how to brush dog teeth at home? No worries, we’re here to help you with this task. You can get your dog’s teeth clean in no time.

Let Your Dog Get Familiar With Toothbrush

Aggression against any intrusion of personal space is common for dogs. When it comes to their teeth, most dogs show adverse reactions. So for them to get familiar with dog toothbrush, you should slowly introduce your fingers inside their mouth. The more that they think they are safe with your hands, the more you can try opening their mouth for brushing. 

Play With Your Dog Before A Dental Routine

Adding onto the aggression of dogs is their playfulness. They might think that poking their mouth or teeth is part of the playtime routine. If How To Brush Dog Teethyou want to have successful dental care, try playing with your dog. This activity will allow them to relax and get familiar with a dental stick or dental bone that looks like a toy for them too. Find dental products that are suitable for your dog’s size or breed as well. 

Reward Your Dog 

Lastly, you don’t want your dog to get anxious about unfamiliar activities. Rewarding them can give them positive reinforcements about regular dental care. Dental sticks can also look like rewards or treats. Play with your dog afterward or give them a good pat in the back for being such a good boy or girl. 

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