Dog Glaucoma Surgery Cost

dog glaucoma surgery cost

Glaucoma is a disease that can be found in numerous dogs. It is responsible for causing inadequate fluid drainage in the eye according to petMD.  This disease is especially common in certain dog breeds such as poodles and Siberian’s.

If one’s dog does contract the symptoms for glaucoma, dog glaucoma surgery cost can run around $1400 for one eye but $1800 for both. This cost does include proper anesthesia. The reason why pricing might be relatively high is because there are only two treatments that are available; either a complete eye removal, or the inserting of an artificial eye.

According to Animal eye care, glaucoma is an increased pressure in the eye. The balance of aqueous percolates out of the eye. Thus, when this type of pressure builds up, it can be fatal for one dog’s eye.  Surgical options include an intrascleral prosthesis or complete enucleation.

Dog Glaucoma surgery cost can be high just because of the limited amount of treatment and because of the severity of the surgery. Anything involving the eye is going to be a pricey procedure and should not be treated lightly. Even though one’s dog life won’t be at risk, there are some home remedies that can soften the blow of dog glaucoma surgery cost. dog glaucoma surgery cost

Because symptoms of dog glaucoma include excessive blinking, redness, swollen eye, and squinting, some home made remedies include, carrots, spinach, vitamin c, and even coenzyme would help the eye heal. In the case these remedies cease one’s dog symptoms of glaucoma, this can in fact veto a dog glaucoma surgery cost all together.

In conclusion, dog glaucoma surgery cost can run upward to $1800 for both eyes, whether it be a complete eye removal or the inserting of an artificial one for the simple fact, that one’s original dog eye might not survive the surgery.

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