Month: July 2019

Dog Glaucoma Surgery Cost

dog glaucoma surgery cost

Glaucoma is a disease that can be found in numerous dogs. It is responsible for causing inadequate fluid drainage in the eye according to petMD. This disease is especially common in certain dog breeds such as poodles and Siberian’s. If one’s dog does contract the symptoms for glaucoma, dog glaucoma surgery cost can run around $1400 for one eye but $1800 for both.

Dog teeth bleeding: Causes and Treatment

dog teeth bleeding

It is said that the condition of the dog’s mouth can reveal a lot about it’s health. A dogs’s bleeding gums or teeth can be an indicator of health issues such as oral inflammation, plaque buildup or even diseases such as oral cancer or other disorders that are invisible to the naked eye. Bleeding gums can occur when the gums appears to be swollen and red and they bleed easily while it looks like teeth are bleeding too.

Best dental chews for dogs

best dental chews for dogs

Best way to take care of your dog’s teeth is with best dental chews for dogs. To maintain the oral hygiene of a dog is not an easy task. It keeps the dog away from bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay. Many dogs don’t allow you to get near their teeth without a struggle. It’s the reason the dental chews are better than brushes to keep the dog’s teeth healthy and clean.