Dog chattering teeth: older dog teeth

dog chattering teeth older dog

If you find yourself in Google, searching for “dog chattering teeth older dog”, you have arrived at the right article that can help. This article will talk about why dogs sometimes chatter and when you should be worried about this. You should also check: does your pet have crooked teeth? If they do,the vet can help.


Why do dogs chatter their teeth?

There can be many reasons why dogs chatter. It could be a harmless reason, such as excitement over a new toy, or it may also have a deeper and more worrisome reason such as tooth pain. It is important to know which reason is behind the chatter in your dog’s teeth. It is important to note that more often than not, the second reason is the one to blame.


Excitement. One reason your dog may chatter their teeth is that they may be excited because you are just about to throw their favorite toy in the air and they are waiting in anticipation to run and catch chattering teeth older dog


Food. They might also chatter their teeth because they can smell you whipping up something delicious in the kitchen and are hoping to get a small taste of what you’re cooking.


Fever. Just like in people, dogs may also chatter their teeth if they are chilling. Chilling, accompanied by fever is usually a sign of illness. You must take your dog to visit a vet when you see they are chilling and has a fever.


Oral issues. Chattering may also be a sign of oral issues. The dog may be experiencing tooth pain, have cracked or broken teeth or other types of oral issues. Your vet will be able to tell you which oral issues is the cause behind your dog’s chattering teeth, and more importantly, they will be able to tell you the solution.


How to tell when something is wrong

If your dog chatter’s their teeth while whimpering and whining, there is a strong chance that the chatter is caused by pain. If you notice that your dog chatters their teeth often, even when they are not excited by anything, it is a good idea to take the dog to the vet. 


When you arrive at the vet, they will look in your dog’s mouth for signs of damaged teeth, exposed nerves or other things that may be causing your dog’s teeth to chatter. Signs of these that you can also look out for at home are blood coming out of your dog’s mouth and a strange odor. 


On very rare occasions, teeth chattering in dogs may be a sign of a problem in the brain. If the vet is not able to find anything wrong with your dog’s teeth, they will run some tests to see if your dog suffers from this neurological condition. 


What you can do

This is where prevention can work wonders. If you bring your dog to see a vet regularly, it will lessen the chances of them developing an oral disease. Do not wait to see the dog chattering teeth, older dog ages may be more susceptible to illness, so prevention is better than cure.


The vet will be able to monitor your furry friend for any potential problems that may be developing. This will ensure that any problems that might lead to teeth chattering will be fixed even before they become serious.

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