How much is the canine teeth cleaning cost?

canine teeth cleaning cost

Pet owners wonder about canine teeth cleaning cost. This article will focus on the benefits of cleaning your pet’s teeth, and the cost of having it done at the vet. If your furry friend is suffering from rotten canine teeth, please check out this link to know about treatment options.


Dental health in pets

Many pet owners do not realize that a big part of their pet’s dental health. How the owners would devote time to tend to their pet’s oral health plays a big role in if the overall health of their pet. Oral health in dogs would also be affected by poor oral health habits, just like in people. By their third year of life, most dogs would have already developed some type of periodontal disease that can have adverse effects on their health.


Canine teeth cleaning cost

Many factors would affect the cost of the

dog’s teeth cleaning. Some veterinary dentist would charge based on the type of procedure that will do, and others charge depending on how much time the cleaning procedure will take. The price for cleaning can also be affected by region and the extent of the damage to the dental health of the dog or puppy.

canine teeth cleaning cost

The average canine teeth cleaning cost ranges from $500 to $1000. This is just for the cleaning of the teeth of your dog. However, if there would be additional needed treatments, such as x-rays and root canals, those would come at an added cost. It is realistic to pay anything in between $1000 to $2000 every time they go in for teeth cleaning.


Why is it so expensive?

The reason why canine teeth cleanings can be so expensive is because of the effort it takes to clean their teeth. Dogs are not like people, who can naturally will themselves to sit still during a dental cleaning. In some instances, anesthesia would need to be applied to relieve the discomfort the dog feels. 

The extra costs can also come from added dental treatments that are needed because of bad dental health. A big part of the extra charges would come from dental x-rays. These would be needed in case the veterinary dentist would need to check any periodontal disease that might be developing in the dog. Tooth extractions and root canals also contribute to the overall costs. This being said, if you can make sure that your dog has good oral health, the costs may also be lowered. 


Are canine teeth cleaning necessary?

Making sure that your pet has a clean mouth is just as important as feeding them and grooming them. When they have a healthy mouth, they would be at less risk of getting any serious oral disease that, like in humans, can affect their overall health. 

The costs may be high, but they can be managed if you take the necessary steps to make sure that your dog’s oral health is good. You will also be able to make sure that your dog lives a longer and happier life if they have good oral health.

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