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Taking Your Pet to a Dog and Cat Dentist

dog and cat dentist

We all know how important it is to care for our teeth. We even make sure that our children have healthy oral cavity as well. But what we usually overlook is that fact that our pets need to have the same amount of care to their oral health as well. That’s why it’s important to take them to a dog and cat dentist and have their teeth check annually.

The idea of taking our pets to a dog and cat dentist regularly may seem new to you and me. But did you know that if get to experience oral health conditions like tooth decay and periodontitis, so does your pet? Once we get to learn this concept, the important of your pet’s regular dental checkup will start to make sense. But what are the common questions we should ask ourselves regarding this issue?

What kind of dental care does my pet need?

How often should I take my pet to the dog and cat dentist?

What can I do at home to provide the right oral care to my pet?

These are just some of the common questions you should consider.

The Importance of Providing Dental Care to your Cat or Dog

Our pet deserves the same amount of dental care just like we do. If we suffer from periodontal diseases due to negligence, the same thing can happen to our pets if we don’t take care of their oral cavity. This has been the most important reminder by all veterinarians.

dog and cat dentist

It’s actually similar process to the oral cavity of the humans. Plaque is composed of various materials like mouth cells, food, saliva and other stuff that can form right after eating. If left dirty or untreated, this results to the accumulation of plaque, resulting to inflammation of the gums and eventually to tissue decay. If still ignored, it can cause bone degeneration, leading to teeth loss and ultimately to periodontal disease.

Applying Regular Oral Care

Just like us humans, pets need the same oral care. Therefore, they need the following supplies:

  • Quality food
  • Daily brushing of teeth
  • Regular visit to a dog and cat dentist
  • Safe and clean items or toys to chew

It’s a common error for pet owners who fail to brush the teeth of their pets daily. This can’t be blamed to the owners though. We have a lot of priorities that in most cases, the importance of caring for our pet’s oral health is placed on the lower list. Still, we need to prioritize it to prevent our pets from getting oral health diseases. The best alternative then is taking them regularly to a veterinarian’s clinic.

At the Veterinarian’s Clinic

Before implementing anything, the veterinarian would first take a dental exam. This should be done annually. Part of the assessment includes:

  • Checking the mouth’s odor
  • Signs of inflammation or bleeding
  • Signs of discolored, missing or broken teeth
  • Gum recession

After the assessment, planning will take place, then comes implementation and finally, the evaluation. As you can see, dental treatment on our pets is similar to the humans.

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