How to Get a Sick Cat to Eat

how to get a sick cat to eat

There are many reasons why your cat may refuse to eat. Cats may stop to eat when they are sick or having other issues such as dental pains, digestive obstruction, constipation, urinary obstruction, and stress. Now, when your cat goes for long without food, it’s likely to develop other serious diseases such as fatty liver disease or hepatic lipidosis. So, you have to entice it to eat. Here are various tricks on how to get a sick cat to eat.

Warm its food

Sick cats usually have no sense of smell. By heating the food, you bring out its taste. Heat the food for about 10 to 20 seconds on the microwave to remove its flavor and soften the texture. Don’t make it too hot. This makes it easier for the sick cat to eat. Ensure your stir the warmed food properly before serving it to the cat to avoid burning.

Try hand feeding

Hand feeding your sick cat can work out great, although sometimes it can be messy. Sometimes, your cat may refuse to eat from its bowl due to the unpleasant experience it’s going through. In such a situation, take the matter into your hands and become messy. Give it some morsel from your hand and gently coax it to eat. how to get a sick cat to eat

Try different food textures

If your cat is used to eat chucks or hard foods, but it’s now experiencing tooth pain, it will reject them. The food becomes painful for it to chew. So in this case, try something different that has a softer texture. Normally, you can have its sick tooth removed so that it can recover fast and start eating different texture again.

All in all, seeing your cat eating again after a tremendous experiencing is a rewarding feeling. Your cat deserves better care just like any other pet. So, when your cat is not able to eat due to health issues, utilize the above tips to make it


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