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Dog teeth bleeding: Causes and Treatment

dog teeth bleeding

It is said that the condition of the dog’s mouth can reveal a lot about it’s health. A dogs’s bleeding gums or teeth can be an indicator of health issues such as oral inflammation, plaque buildup or even diseases such as oral cancer or other disorders that are invisible to the naked eye. Bleeding gums can occur when the gums appears to be swollen and red and they bleed easily while it looks like teeth are bleeding too.

Gingivitis in Cats

gingivitis in cats

Lack of proper oral health for cats can lead to the development of gingivitis in cats, a type of bacterial infection that affects the gums of the cat. If left untreated, this can lead to the development of periodontitis, a severe form of infection which eventually leads to teeth falling off as a result of decay and teeth loosening.

Symptoms of Rabies In a Cat

symptoms of rabies in a cat

It’s prudent to keep a close eye on your cats, especially if they were recently bitten by a strange animal. Remember your animal might have been infected with rabies, which is a deadly virus mostly spread through saliva. According to the recent research by the Center for Disease Control, rabies spread faster in cats than in other animals. You can visit their site for further information.

Healthy Dog Gums vs Unhealthy

healthy dog gums vs unhealthy

Good oral hygiene in dogs is essential to prevent the occurrence of infection and gum diseases which can result in teeth loss. One of the key determinants of healthy dog gums vs unhealthy is by examining their physical characteristics in terms of color and appearance. Read about the signs and symptoms of healthy dog gums vs unhealthy right here.

Cat Losing Teeth

cat losing teeth

A cat is an amazing animal to have at home. It’s mostly used as a pet, for companion and playmate among other functions. Similar to human beings, cats also lose their teeth. While we may still have a chance to restore our teeth with options like dental implants, it’s nearly impossible for cats to restore theirs. To get an idea how much dental implants are, check out this URL: https://www.audentalimplantssydney.com.au/digital-dental-implant-cost/. Below is a list of common causes of a cat losing teeth.

Dog Gingivitis Treatment

dog gingivitis treatment

Dog gingivitis is an infection of the gums that causes redness and swelling. It is usually as a result of the accumulation of plaque wherein there’s a mixing of the bacteria found in the dog’s mouth with food particles left attached on its teeth after chewing. Plaques are very grainy and stick to teeth. With time, the accumulation of the plaque increases and finally it becomes tartar which will usually form on the gums’ line. If you want to learn more about dog gingivitis, then keep on reading to and learn how it’s treated.

Dealing with a cat head twitching chronic renal failure

cat head twitching chronic renal failure

Sometimes, cat owners have to be extra careful with their cats to make sure they control and manage any health condition that they may face. Cats can be very frustrated when they experience cat head twitching chronic renal failure. The condition can worsen that’s why it’s highly recommended to call your cats’ veterenarian before the condition will make them inactive and unfriendly. This can be as result of kidney failure or any renal disease that any cat can go through.