Weird Dog Faces – Different Breeds Of Dogs

weird dog face

Have you ever seen a dog and thought: “Wow, that’s a weird dog face ” but then instantly fell in love with it anyway? Take a look at these adorable flat-faced, wrinkly dog breeds! If you are looking to get a new pet, you may consider getting one of these dogs to brighten up your home.



Wrinkly, flat-faced breeds


These dogs are one-of-a-kind because they are not what some people would find to be traditionally “cute” but their uniqueness and eccentricity will make anyone think otherwise.


Chinese Shar-Pei. 

A Chinese Shar-Pei is a large dog that has a perpetually sad expression. 


English bulldog. 

This is one of the more popular wrinkly-faced dog breeds. Its size ranges from small to medium and has a very lazy and stubborn nature. Otherwise, they can also be ferocious and protective of their owners, making them great guard dogs.



Pugs are petite dogs that are playful and irresistible. This breed looks constantly worried about something. Pugs have an outgoing personality, and they are very good at adapting to their human environment 



This extra-large Italian breed is extremely playful and requires a lot of time outdoors. It requires a lot of exercise time, so if you decide to get this breed, you have to a lot some time to walk it each day.



This type of dog breed is one of the most popular with law enforcement because as their name suggests, they are excellent sniffers. They may have a forlorn expression, but then their constant drooling and unique loose jowls are what makes pet owners fall in love with them.


People would do just about anything to get rid of wrinkles because they are a sign of aging. But then humans don’t seem to mind wrinkles in man’s best friend. Pet owners seem to take delight in wrinkly-faced dogs!

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