Why Do I Need A Reptile Vet Near Me? (Exotic Animals Care)

Why Do I Need A Reptile Vet Near Me

Owning a dog or a cat may be one of the popular choices for pets. On the other hand, many individuals and families are into reptiles and exotic pets. It can be a different experience to own a reptile, such as a lizard, iguanas, and snakes. However, there are many precautions before owning one. A bite from a pet may need a doctor nearby urgently, particularly veterinary care from an animal hospital. Furthermore, reptiles are wild animals that may require professional veterinarians, which prompts you to google the keyword “reptile vet near me.” Before you buy any of these exotic pets, consider checking if they are healthy from vets and are legal in your state or country. 


Why Are Exotic Pets Popular Today?

Exotic pets like a reptile (lizards) or an amphibian (turtle) is similar to owning avian (bird) or even small mammals like rabbits. However, the vast difference is how these scaly exotics are not local. Many influencers on social media like Instagram or Facebook promote an animal for “conservation” and rareness. Hence, many people are captivated by thinking they are rescuing these animals. Sadly, many people who are into reptiles, exotic mammals, and other undomesticated animals threaten wildlife. Today, there are many cases of undocumented animals being traded and sold by wildlife traffickers. Repercussions like the recent COVID19 and other coronaviruses are one of the results of the ecological and health impact of the exotic pet trade. 


What Is The Purpose Of A Reptile Vet?

Vets can include all types of veterinarian medicine, even for ferrets, pigs, and other emergency services for an animal. Veterinary experts, including reptile veterinarians, should focus on examining the weight, blood samples, and current health condition of your reptile pet. Moreover, reptile vets can determine if the pet has current health problems that may transfer from animals to humans. Ultimately, the goal of a reptile vet should be the conservation of exotic pets like reptiles. Some veterinarians are also well – educated with arachnids, exotic mammals, and other species. However, a reptile vet should even know the legalities of acquiring the said specie. 


Is It Safe To Own A Reptile?

Reptile Vet Near Me Exotic Animals Care

Are there risks when it comes to owning a reptile, like a snake? More scientists and vets say that if you bought these from exotic traders or undocumented, they may either die quickly or transmit zoonotic diseases. Herpes B-virus, Salmonellosis, and Coronaviruses are among the notorious medical concerns that these pets bring. Moreover, there is also a possibility of owning large felines like lions, tigers, or average-sized monkeys to attack or bite you. Veterinarians may be available to cater to service for treatment. But, there are many times that pet owners will not report any of these attacks to their local veterinarian hospital. 


Should I Still Have A Reptile Pet Then?

Some federal laws, state policies, and other country guidelines still allow conservation of exotic animals today. However, any family must be mindful of possessing these creatures. Critically endangered animals are in no way to be sold, bought, or traded as per government rule. Any exotic animal should be licensed and have a permit under the local government Animal Welfare or Agriculture department. Don’t hesitate to call your police enforcers or other government authorities if you see illegal trade anywhere near you. 


How Do I Locate A Reptile Vet Near Me?

You should ask yourself if there are possibilities of a reptile vet near me. It may be hard to find one, considering that most veterinary care hospitals or clinics focus more on common domesticated animals. Yet, it is not uncommon to find exotic pet care from nearby areas. Our recommendation to see a reptile vet near me is to check your area first. Don’t rely on looking for them from Google or other traders online with positive reviews. Sometimes, your veterinary hospital can also give you a list of numbers to call, such as rescue parks, treating facility services, and other similar sanctuaries. Remember, owning a pet includes all responsibilities, training, and education for the future of your favored companion.

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