Is Cataract Surgery For Dogs Safe? (Treatment For Eye Problems)

Is Cataract Surgery For Dogs Safe

Did you know that dogs also have diseases similar to humans? Since the anatomy of the body is prone to any health problem, a pet owner should have higher efforts in curing them. The excellent news about medical breakthroughs is how everyone can use it to sustain life. Through many years of research in the field of medical advancements, even animals have hope for medical care. Have you asked a vet, do older dogs have cataract? Probably, your vet professional has an idea of how to treat your dog with the use of eye surgery. You may want to know more if cataract surgery for dogs is safe through this article. 

What Is A Cataract?

Having a physical ailment like a cataract can be a massive issue for mobility and balance. How much more can dogs react when there is no normal vision. This health problem happens when the lens isn’t normally refracting the light that helps the brain interpret the images. The back of the eye or the retina should also be in good condition. If any of these factors are not properly working, then cataract happens. Most people don’t know that dogs are also susceptible to having a cloudy or opaque lens. Usually, it happens for both eyes, but one’s eye can have worse cataract condition than the other. It may also cause blindness, blurry vision, and may need cataract surgery for dogs. 

Reasons For Having Cataract In Dogs

Many dogs may suffer from eye vision problems. When your canine companion shows symptoms of uneasiness in walking or watery eyes, check your pet’s eyes first. Moreover, if you see redness, inflammation, or pus coming out, it’s best if you go to a veterinarian right away. Cataract in dogs can become a health risk, mainly if it’s an underlying disease. So, if you want to know the reasons, better check out some of these health problems. 

Hereditary Issues (Breed of Dogs)

Sadly, many dogs may have acquired their genetic issues due to crossbreeding. Their congenital disabilities may also have problems in their other body parts. Most doctors say that some breeds of Poodles, Terriers, Labrador Retrievers, or the American Cocker Spaniel can have cataracts. 


Trauma in the fibers of the lens and the eyes may also damage the vision of the dog. It is not visible right away, but there are damages in the eyes when it comes to immediate contact. Go to a vet clinic as soon as your pet had an emergency such as a vehicle accident. 


Cataract Surgery For Dogs Treatment For Eye Problems

Having diabetes mellitus is also a huge factor that plays in the occurrence of cataracts. A canine pet may tend to have diabetes when their diet is not maintained. Infection in the eye may spread more rapidly due to sugar as its nutrition source.  

Age Of The Dog

Ultimately, many vet professionals say that age is the number one cause of blindness in a dog’s vision. It is preventable if your pet visits a vet clinic regularly for a check-up. 

Is Cataract Surgery For Dogs Safe?

Generally, most doctors may suggest a pet owner get cataract surgery for dogs as they are safe. However, only get your treatment from a registered and licensed vet professional. You may also try to help your dog recuperate by having a proper diet suited for his or her health condition. Dogs with diabetes mellitus may have to do preventive measures to avoid having cataracts. Ask a vet clinic on the proper ways to handle a dog’s meal.


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