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What To Do For Unhealthy Dog Gums?

unhealthy dog gums

Many pet owners have a difficult time telling if their pet has unhealthy dog gums. This article will teach you how to tell if your dog’s gums are swollen and receding and when you will need to take them to see a vet.

Is oral health important in dogs?

For humans, oral health can be a representation of overall health. If gum health is not at an optimal level, the person’s gums can develop gum diseases. If these remain untreated can cause serious health issues. The same goes for our pets. If tooth and gum health of pets are not properly maintained, they can also be diagnosed with more serious health concerns.

Experts say that many pet owners are oblivious to how health gums in a pet should look like. This reason is one of the biggest contributors to unhealthy dog gums. If a fur parent is unaware of what signs to look out for, how are they supposed to know if their pet’s gums are unhealthy or not?

How to tell if your pet is suffering from unhealthy dog gums?unhealthy dog gums

It is understandable if you are not completely sure of how to tell if your dog’s gums are healthy or not. We have put together this list to help you discern if your dog will need treatment or not.

Swollen or receding gums

If your dog’s gums are swollen, or if the roots of their teeth can be seen, this is a sure sign of a developing periodontal disease that needs to be addressed.

Gum color

The color of a healthy dog’s gums should be a soft pink color. Looking at raw fish at a supermarket will give you a good idea of what type of color you should be looking for.

Smell of their breath

Bad breath is always a sign that something is wrong. The worse the breath of your dog smells, the worse the condition of their gum health is. If your dog’s gums bleed, it can be a sign that the infection is severe.

What you can do

If you suspect that your dog’s gums are not as healthy as they should be, you can take solace in the fact that gum diseases in dogs, as in humans, can be treated. The trick is making sure that you will be able to get them to a vet in time. If your dog has gums that are similar to the ones being described above, take them to see a vet right away. Your vet will be able to tell you what needs to be done to cure the gum diseases as well as educate you on preventive measures to ensure that the gum disease does not recur again in the future.

It is not enough to keep your dog clean, flea-less and well-fed. Making sure that they have good oral health is essential to their overall health. Oral health in pets is often neglected. This can cause pets to get sick and die early. Help your pets avoid this fate by making sure their teeth and gums are healthy.

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