The Best Pain Medicine for Dogs

pain medicine for dogs

There are a variety of pain medicines that are effective on dogs, but some are better than others. Many people believe that human pain medication works on dogs, but the truth is that human medication is never okay to give your dog. Human pain medications can make your dog sick or even put their lives in danger. So what are the better alternatives? You can check the opening hours of your veterinarian’s clinic and have your dog treated if he is experiencing severe pain.

The best pain medicine for dogs is the medication appropriate for their condition. For short-term pain, there are many NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) designed specifically for dogs. An example of this class of drugs is Rimadyl. These drugs are not as effective or safe in treating chronic pain, however, and extended periods of use are not recommended.

For chronic pain, there are a variety of other options that work better than NSAIDs and are safe for long term use. For nerve pain, Gabapentin is commonly used. Amantadine works well for arthritis and joint pain, while Tramadol is an excellent general medicine for the relief of chronic pain. These medications work well for elderly dogs or dogs with chronic medical conditions.

For mild pain, or as a supplement to other treatments, there are natural alternatives to over-the-counter dog pain medicine that can also be an effective way to ease pain, particularly chronic pain. Supplements that support the joints can help reduce the painful effects of joint issues. Chronic pain can also be alleviated with techniques like massage or acupuncture, while regular light exercise is a simple way to keep a dog healthy and in less pain.

pain medicine for dogsUltimately, the best pain medicine for your dog is going to vary drastically depending on their age, physical condition, and medical history. The best way to determine what kind of pain medication is appropriate for your dog is to consult a licensed veterinarian and avoid trying to diagnose issues yourself.

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