cat eye problem

How to determine a cat eye problem

Cats are known to be active both during the day and night but a cat eye problem can negatively affect their sight on a certain image  making them inactive and less friendly. Some of the common eye problems in cats can be identified with ease since they are accompanied by various symptoms.

When you see symptoms such as excessive blinking, discharge in the eye and watery eyes, it’s advisable to contact a veterinarian in order to conduct an ophthalmologic exam on the cat. The mentioned symptoms can be accompanied by different changes on the cat’s eye such as colour and size  which can be a minor or a major disorder.

You can easily determine  a cat eye since they come with clear symptoms that affect the normal behaviour and appearance of the cat. Other possible changes such like an eye welling can also be experienced when the cat is affected by most of the eye problems. Eye problems that are common in cats include:

1.Pink eye infection

It can affect either the inner layer of the eyelid or the cat eye problemouter clear membrane covering the eye of the cat. With pink eye infection, the eye will appear swollen, very red in colour and with frequent discharge. The infection is mainly caused by bacteria, viruses, eye injury and chemical irritation among many other causes.

2.Corneal ulceration

The condition is mainly characterized by breaking in the cornea and may be accompanied by trauma and other inner eye diseases. Cats suffering from the condition mostly keep their eyes closed, have eyes sensitive to light and red in colour. You can diagnose the condition after an examination from a vet before you can verify the exact condition of the cat.

Whenever you see different symptoms on the eye of your cat or a general change in the face, it’s important to contact your vet immediately. Most of the treatment options will depend on the possible causes of the problems and they may include the use of antibiotics, steroidal treatment of the eye and herbal therapies

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