Proper care for pets with no herbivore teeth

man holding a non herbivore teeth pet

The phrase “health is wealth” not only applies to human beings but pets as well. Owning and caring for a pet is not only a great fun, but it’s a long-term commitment and a big responsibility with respect to both care as well as finances. A dog solely depends on his master for his daily needs which include food, water, shelter, love and grooming. Just like human beings, canines too need an equal amount of health care. They too are prone to diseases like tooth decay,  depression, arthritis, diabetes, and cancer to name a few.


Tips to follow for keeping your dog healthy

  • Always give foods that are made from natural non herbivore teeth need brushingingredients. Pick up the right food that contains a balanced combination of calories, minerals, protein and vitamins. Often dry dog food contains calories and nutrients in excess that may be harmful to the canine’s teeth and stomach. Make sure you give them bones and chew toys to keep their teeth clean and sharp enough to be able to eat properly. You can even try out special toothpastes for dogs if your vet suggests so;your dental hygiene is important so why shouldn’t you look after your dog’s mouth too?
  • Always try to be updated with respect to vaccinations as they’re essential for dogs. Take them to a veterinary clinic for regular checkups.
  • Canines are more prone to heat. Provide them a cool place for resting especially during the summer. Never force them to walk, run or perform exercises if they’re unwilling to do so. Provide them sufficient drinking water and consult a vet instantly in case of heatstroke as it can turn life-threatening.
  • Take effective steps for safeguarding dogs against flea and tick attacks.
  • Give plenty of attention and play time. This is a must especially in case of big dogs as it’ll help in increasing attachment between the pet and his master, otherwise abnormal behavioral issues are likely to be noticed.


You should understand that dogs have different dietary needs compared to animals with herbivore teeth so it is essential to take care of their dental, physical and mental condition.

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