How to help a fearful dog gain confidence

how to help a fearful dog gain confidence

Just like people, dogs are born with different characters. Most of them are happy, joyful creatures that we love and adore but some dogs can be a bit shy and fearful. Dogs can be shy for multiple different reasons – some are born like that while others are “made” and almost shaped like that due to the ways they’ve been treated and raised during their life. Not all dog owners are good and could turn a happy dog into a fearful one. However, not all dog owners are responsible for their dog’s fear and shyness. Luckily, there are some things people can do if they are confronted by such a dog. Continue reading and learn how to help a fearful dog gain confidence.

The first thing an owner of a fearful dog can do is to try and find what is scaring their dog. Find and notice what triggers the fear. It can be something very simple such as wind or a shadow and if that’s the case, owners should think about the behavior medication and discuss it with their veterinarian.

Things don’t have to be that serious and fear can be triggered with more complex things. Dogs can have conditions that are very similar to social anxiety and can be very intimidated in a new environment. That’s why it’s very important to socialize your dog while it’s still a puppy and teach it how to behave which will help when the dog is all grown-up.

how to help a fearful dog gain confidenceA dog that is always confronted with those scary things can become more fearful than it was before due to the stressful environment. Make sure to block all of those things even in your home. Think about what is causing that fear inside your dog and adjust the walking schedule to that.

Make sure the dog gets enough exercise and is well fed. With the good amount of walks and exercise and a good diet, a dog’s mental state can improve. Try and entertain the dog with different toys and tools to prevent it from getting bored. If the dog’s mind is occupied it’s less likely that he will concentrate on its surrounding.

Not all dogs are joyful and happy all the time and that’s alright. Make sure to take good care of a dog that is fearful and try to help him have a happy and fulfilled life.

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