How To Survive A Dog Attack: Basic Tips

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The man’s best friend

Dogs are considered man’s best friend. However, dogs can be aggressive too. They can attack you any time, even if you are its owner. To give you the benefit of the doubt, here are some of the reasons why dogs are attacking.

  1. It can be a sign that the dog has an illness.
  2. The dog is frustrated out of not getting what it wants.
  3. The dog turned out to be protective or territorial.
  4. It comes out from leash aggression.
  5. They attack out of social aggression. They tend to establish position among the other dogs.
  6. Your dog may be feeling anxiety. It can be due to the presence of a new family member, or you have just moved into a new place. Dogs have their own adjustments too.
  7. An attack may come out of their possessiveness. They execute this behavior towards their favorite toy, food, or even their favorite human being.
  8. A dog can act aggressively out of their feeling of fear. This results in not having experience socialization, or it is abused in the past.

Aggression has its reasons why it occurs, especially for dogs. If you happen to experience these reasons for your dog, you have to seek advice to professional dog trainers. They can provide you with options on how to work out these behaviors.

You can also ask your veterinarian about these changes in your dog’s behaviors. They can also suggest how to remove your dog from that condition.


Dog attacks, will you survive?

dog attacksIf a dog is attacking you, you can manage to survive. Below are the basic tips you can do to survive from a dog attack.

  1. No matter how afraid you are, it would be best for you if you stay calm during the attack. Panicking will not do any help to your situation. You have to think straight to survive.
  2. Do not try to run away from the dog. Additionally, avoid making eye contacts. Instead, start moving away slowly, while still seeing them peripherally.
  3. In case the dog is visible to attack, look for something that you can put in between the two of you. Either anything from the things you wear, or if there’s a stick around you. This will help make a distance in the two of you.
  4. Once the dog began to attack you, use a stick or a stone to poke the dog. These will serve as your weapons to protect yourself. You have to aim for the dog’s eyes or throat to at least scare them away from you.
  5. On the condition that the dog aimed to bite you, let it have one of your forearms. This will give you have 3 remaining body parts to protect your face and stomach. Do not exert force to pull out your arm from the grip of the dog. It may only lead to a worse bite condition.
  6. After the dog has finally let you go, proceed to the nearest hospital and have yourself treated. The dog may not be vaccinated with anti-rabies, and the dog bites might infect you too. It would be best also to report the incident to police officers and animal control. Animal control is in charge of responding to cases like these.


Effects of dog bites

Dog bites can make you sick. It can cause infection from the penetration of the bacteria from their bite. These infections include tetanus, rabies or sepsis. If the bite is neglected, the infection can spread throughout the body. They will need antibiotics and vaccinations as a treatment for these infections.

dog bitesWhen a person is bitten, they can apply first aid treatment. Wash the wound using soap and warm water. Put the wound on running lukewarm water to remove the bacteria. Apply antibiotic cream, if there’s any, then wrap it with a clean bandage.

In case that the bite is deeper, they should stop the bleeding by pressing a clean cloth to the wound. The GPs at Omnicare Medical Clinic suggest that you seek medical treatment right away.


Bark for thoughts

Being a dog owner, it is our full responsibility to care and understand our dogs. They will always show their loyalty and love for us just when we needed them the most. For this reason, we should do the same as well. We have to do our best to make them feel loved and cherished, especially on times that they need us.

Remember this quote: “Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen!” -quote from Orhan Pamuk.

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