Dog Tartar Removal: Best Done In A Veterinary Clinic

a dog having its tartar removed

Dog tartar removal is essential to maintain the dog’s dental health. Tartar buildup can lead to developing periodontal disease, which can be risky for a dog. For this reason, dog dental care is necessary to prevent this from occurring.

Additionally, the dog must have healthy teeth and gums to enjoy tug of wars or chewing their treats. Without proper dental care for your dog, they may not experience complete happiness. We have stated in this article how poor dog dental care can affect your dog’s overall condition.

Plaque can buildup inside a dog’s mouth. Without proper dental care, just like how humans should take daily care of their teeth, plaque can turn into tartar. Later on, it can lead to several oral issues in your dog. It would be best to act on it and prevent it from happening. Plaque formation occurs after your dog has eaten food. It will harden in the long run and becomes tartar. Same with us as owners, it’s common that plaque can form on our teeth so it’s best to ask for an advice on how to avoid it by visiting this link.


Dog Tartar Removal – How?

As a dog owner, you will also participate in maintaining your dog’s teeth in good condition. You can do preventive measures to avoid plaque buildup and tartar and prevent periodontal disease from occurring. Please see them below and put them into practice.

  1. Give your dog a complete and well-balanced diet. It is essential to maintain a good diet for your dog’s overall health.
  2. Additionally, providing them with dental toys containing small bumps may help remove the tartar.
  3. Dental treats can also help maintain the dog’s teeth.
  4. Brush your dog’s teeth daily. Brushing every day is one of the best preventive measures to keep the teeth and gums healthy.
  5. Visit your veterinarian. They can perform dog teeth cleaning to remove tartar. They will do a dental scaling procedure while your dog is under anesthesia.

On the contrary, some dogs do not want to get their teeth brushed. For this reason, dog teeth cleaning is necessary to keep their oral health in good condition.


Dog teeth cleaning: What can you expect?

Dog tartar removal is best when a vet conducts it. It would be best to have dog teeth cleaning in a vet’s office, mostly if the tartar adhered to the teeth firmly. The vet has the professional equipment to remove the tartar stuck in your dog’s teeth.

Dog tartar removal inside the vet’s clinic does not only happen on the teeth’ surface. They even include the tartar below the gum line. It would be difficult to remove the tartar in their gum line at home. In this case, professional dog teeth cleaning is necessary. If you leave your dog’s teeth untreated, the bacteria can affect the dog’s overall health. The bacteria can even spread to their bloodstream, which will later infect them entirely.

Aside from cleaning your dog’s teeth, the vet will also use a dog tooth polisher. As a result, it will make the dog’s teeth clean and white, with a smooth surface. On the other hand, you can also do dog tartar removal home. However, it is not as intensive as compared to a vet’s skill.

Vets studied very well how to address the conditions of animals. A dog’s dental health is not an exemption. With this, it is preferable to let your dentist check your dog’s teeth. It is still necessary to do preventive dental care at home, like what we have mentioned above.

Importance of dental care for dogs

Dental care for our pet dogs is essential. As fur parents, we should aim that our dogs have a healthy mouth. We have stated the reasons below on how critical dental care is for your dog’s overall health.

  1. Prevention of tooth loss: A dog’s tooth can loosen or fall out if they have damage or infection. With good dental care, the structures supporting their teeth will remain healthy.
  2. Avoids bad breath (halitosis): With the help of good dental care, your dog will not experience having a foul smell in its breath.
  3. Prevent oral pain: If a dog experiences dental diseases, it would be painful for them. But with the right care for their teeth, you can prevent oral pain.
  4. Reduce the risk of having organ damage: Since bacteria can spread out to different parts of the body, it will put your dog’s life in danger. However, if you will practice dental care, your dog will no longer experience those problems.
  5. Inhibit worse-case dental diseases: Excellent dental care allows your dog to prevent dental diseases from worsening.

In like manner, dogs will also encounter other health issues once the dental health is not taken care of. On top of that, your dogs can’t speak. If your bond with them is not strong, you might notice the problem way too late already.

As a fur parent, you have to take full responsibility for the welfare of your pets. Additionally, you should know best that they deserve to receive care as well. For this reason, you have to secure good dental care for them. That includes the practice of preventive measures as well.


In general, we can only say that dog tartar removal is crucial. Letting the tartar stay in your dog’s teeth can lead to other health issues. These health issues can put your dog’s life at risk. Moreover, the lifespan of your dog can shorten.

Dogs are man’s best friend. As their best friend, you have to treat them very well. It is the simple way that you can give back their loyalty and love for you.

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