Companion Dog Training: Useful Tips For Your Obedient Canine

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So one day you wake up and a companion dog is chosen to keep you company at all times. Unfortunately, you do not have any experience with dogs, and you have no knowledge of training them. Fret no more because, in this article, we are going to share tips to make sure that your companion dog training is a total success.


Purpose Of Companion Dogs

Companion Dog Training With His ownerCompanion dogs are also known as therapy dogs or emotional support dogs. They are specifically chosen and trained to provide support for people with several needs. Oftentimes, they are also brought to hospitals or medical facilities to give companionship and entertainment to patients.

They basically help to reduce the stress and anxiety of their owner. The support, love, and care that they give are proven to be effective in uplifting the mood of the person that they serve.

Since all dogs are trainable and teachable, there are no specific requirements for them to become companion dogs. Your companion dog does not need to undergo strict training nor did he need to adhere to certain policies. As long as they can do the job smoothly, then you can register them immediately.


Tips For Companion Dog Training

To make sure that your dog is fit to be a companion, follow these simple steps on training them:

  • Join in an obedience training for dogs. But before doing so, make sure that your dog is at the appropriate age to join such groups. You can enroll your dog in obedience training at their 7th month. These classes could teach you how to give simple commands to your dogs such as sit, up, roll over, and stay. The dogs in these classes are rewarded with treats and positive praises. After the dog training classes, you may opt to invite a friend to help you in one on one training with distractions.
  • Instill the commands to your dog by practicing them every day. You can subtly train them by incorporating the commands into their daily activities. Do not forget to give praises and treats as rewards for your good dog.
  • Take your dog to a trusted dog test organization. The test will determine your dog’s readiness to become a licensed companion. During the test, the training that you did for your dog will be of utmost importance. They will be deliberately exposed to triggers and stimulants to see if they are easily distracted. Their reaction towards seeing another dog will also be tested. If they are not yet ready, further training might be needed.
  • Expose your companion dog to crowded and unfamiliar places. This will train them to easily adjust to new faces and strange sounds without feeling nervous and anxious. The best places to go to are parks where people could bump against him.
  • Have them ready. Your companion dog will be more helpful if they are healthy inside and out. Take them to their annual vet checkup to know how well they are doing. It is also important that they have complete vaccines for their own protection.


Common Breeds of Support Dogs

If you are still trying to decide if what breed of dog should you get as your companion dog, listed below are the common breeds that others typically prefer:



Poodle Companion Dog TrainingPoodles are known to be highly intelligent and obedient dogs. It’s also a bonus that they are hypoallergenic, something that you’ll find beneficial if you have concerns with dog fur.


Labrador retrievers

If you want an energetic and joyful dog as a companion, go for labradors. They are one of the few dog breeds that are easy to train, their intelligence is also undeniable.



This particular breed is one of the friendliest among all breeds. Bulldogs are also popular as a calm and relaxed breed.

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